The symbol is a 4 edged star.

The colour is white with black stripes

The effects involve sending cards from your deck to activates effect and banishing cards.


Nega Surfer

Cost 6

Power 2000

Shield Trigger

Race NegaKnights

When this card is summoned you may send a card from your hand out of play to send a creature back to the deck ,then that player draws a card and shuffles their deck

Twin Razor

Cost 2

Race :Great Mecha King

Power 1000


When this creature blocks you may banish it to remove the battling creature from play

This creature cant attack.

Ragerion,The Plasma Soldier

Cost 3

Race : Drone

Power 2000

When this creature is summmoned you may banish a card from your hand then then take a card which cost the same as the card you banish and add it to your hand.

When This creature is destroyed both players send a card from the banished pile and add them to their decks

Banishing Dragon, Vals Gale

Cost 5

Race:Banished Dragon

Power 6000

When you attack with this creature look at your opponents hand and banish a card .Then your opponent draws a card.

Double Breaker

When this creature is destroyed both players return their banished pile to the deck

Nega-Alcadeias,Lord of the Banished Spirits

Cost Power 12500

Race  :Angel Command ,

Evolution put on one of you commands

Whenever one of your opponent creature attacks ,You may search your deck for a spell that cost 6 mana and cast it without cost

At the start of the turn,You may banish a card from the battle zone you control ,If you do your opponent cant cast spells that cast more than 3 mana that turn

Dimension Disrupttor

Shield trigger

Cost 6


Choose one of your opponent creatures and shuffle it back to their deck ,Then summon a card from you banished pile to the field that cost less than the creature .

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